Polish Gunners Association is an organization bringing together military and civilian personnel of Rocket Troops and Artillery currently serving in the formations of the Polish Armed Forces and those in reserve and retired, the veterans of the allied armies of the anti-Hitler coalition countries and the underground resistance organizations, serving in the organizational structures of NATO and the EU, as well as their family members.

The activity area of ​​the Association is the Polish Republic and the subdivisions of Polish Military Contingents, Polish military missions and agencies, as well as clusters of gunnery soldiers outside Poland.

The seat of the Association is the city of Torun.

The Association is a non-political and non-profit organization, and its activity is based entirely on voluntary work of its members.

The main objectives of the Polish Gunners Association are the following:

  • integration of former and current soldiers of rocket troops and artillery;
  • cultivating traditions and heritage of generations of gunners from years of war and peace among members of the Association and in society (especially young people);
  • promoting research into the history of the development of Polish artillery and missile units and popularizing the opinions and experiences of its use;
  • promoting a positive image of the Polish Armed Forces, military service and  Polish artillery, as well as  voluntary military service in the National  Reserves Forces;
  • developing  national, civil and cultural consciousness among society and cultivating Polish national traditions;
  • developing  among members of the Association  principles of coexistence based on peer relationships, mutual respect and solidarity and  maintaining intergenerational relationships with veterans, reserve soldiers and those performing active military service in units of  rocket troops and artillery;
  • promoting and defending the good name of the Association, respecting the dignity and honor of the Polish soldier and  manifesting social activity in the statutory activities of the Association;
  • increasing the level of knowledge and skills of members of the Association;
  • taking care for welfare of gunners and their families;
  • promoting close-combat sports

We encourage you to fill out the membership application. 

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